Screamers           as Editor


It’s Halloween and a young couple are preparing to go to Screamers Haunted House Ride Attraction at the CNE. However, they are not going there for the haunted houses. They are preparing for an event that will change their lives forever.

Errol and the Two Rhythms          as Producer and Director


This Donny Award winning short documentary is about a dance teacher named Errol Desouza. He teaches both the dances bachata and salsa, and has a large number of students. This documentary explores the passion that Desouza demonstrates for both dances, and the insight and respect his students have for him.

The Cat Colony          as Producer and Director


Some wonder how stray and feral cats manage to survive out on the streets. The answer is a cat colony, which are areas in suburban neighbourhoods where cats gather to eat the food that volunteers come to give. Robert Swiderski is one of the main volunteers. Watch as we explore one of the cat colonies that he frequently visits, and see the cats that show their gratitude.


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