Storage Room


While being held captive in her families abandoned food storage room, Ellanie Collins must find a way to break out. However during her captivity, she suffers hallucinations of the good and bad relationships of her loved ones, deeming it harder to break free from the storage room, and her insanity.

Dire Reunions


Derrion Martinus spent some time in mental institute after the murder of his wife. His family is having a small thanksgiving dinner and after showing some recovery is given a week’s pass. However, when seeing his family, Derrion discovers that his younger sister is engaged to his wife’s killer.

Silent Threat – TV Pilot


This TV show pilot is about a six-year-old named Nigel who is accidentally picked up by the wrong school bus one day and taken to a private school. It turns out that the school has a secret organization that hypnotizes its students and has them commit crimes and spy on rich company owners. The school board’s counsellor, Julian, decides to use Nigel to the school’s advantage. After Nigel is reunited with his worried mother, Anna, Julian and the school try to convince Anna to enrol her son into the school.


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