Short Narratives

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Huntsmen (2017)


Despite warnings of a serial killer on the loose, Felicity attends an open frat party that her friends are throwing. But her fun night will go horribly awry when she’s pursued by a shady and creepy man.

Huntsmen - Felicity Poster




Coming soon:

Say No More (2018)


Young Jamie and Arthur are deeply in love, despite their relatives’ reluctance to accept their relationship, and their continuous pressure for them to break up. This pressures them into taking extreme measures to ensure that nothing tears them apart. However, these measures may ultimately lead to terrible consequences that could tarnish the two and destroy their families.

Say no more


Storage Room (TBA)


When Ellanie wakes up, all bound and tied, she discovers that she has been locked up in her family’s old abandoned Storage Room. Her claustrophobia makes her desperate to escape, then she receives a phone call from her captor. He tells her that if Ellanie’s mother doesn’t agree to his terms, Ellanie will be left to die. In an attempt to cope with her captivity, Ellanie hallucinates the memories of the times she spent with loved ones, but even those thoughts might drive her over the edge.

Storage Room (logo 2)

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